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17.04.2018, 18:30 bis 20:00

The Need for Euro Area Reform

How to Move Forward?

University Forum
Heussallee 18-24
53113 Bonn


After nearly a decade of stagnation, the euro area is finally experiencing a robust recovery. However, complacency about the underlying state of the euro area is misplaced because the currency union continues to suffer from critical weaknesses, including financial fragility, suboptimal conditions for long‐term growth, and deep economic and political divisions. The need to improve the euro area’s architecture to make it less vulnerable to crises and to deliver long-term prosperity to all its members remains as strong as ever.

To this end a group of prominent French and German economists have published a report on how the euro area could be reformed, taking into account both the demands for more risk sharing (for example through a common deposit insurance or an insurance against large macroeconomic shocks) and for more market discipline (for example through rules for sovereign debt restructuring and simplified fiscal rules). These proposals overlap with the European Commission’s proposals on euro area reform but there are also some important differences. So what is the best way forward to reform the monetary union? Should Germany accept higher risk sharing in order to make progress on market discipline? And what are the risks from sticking to the status quo?

To find answers to these questions, the CISG in cooperation with the Reinhard Selten Institute hosts a panel discussion on "The need for Euro Area Reform - How to Move Forward?" on April 17, 2018. Our panelists are: Professor Dr. Isabel Schnabel, Professor of Financial Economics at Bonn University and Member of the German Council of Economic Experts, Gabriele Giudice, Head of Unit, EMU Deepening and the Macroeconomy of the Euro Area, European Comission (DG ECFIN), and Professor James Bindenagel, Henry-Kissinger Professor and Head of the CISG (Moderator).

Center for International Security and Governance und das Reinhard Selten Institute
Philip Ackermann
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