25.02.2021, 18:00 bis 19:30


#MoinEuropa #SalutEuropa

Across the Danube to Romania – Insights into EU Cohasion Policy and Erasmus

Carl-Ronning-Str 2
28195 Bremen


On February 25 at 6 pm it's that time again! We are going on the next virtual journey - this time to Romania. Dana Costache, who was born in Romania, lived in the USA for many years. Now she works as a coach and career counselor in Casa Tianu Foundation, which she founded. The foundation's work focusses on vocational training and leadership and brings them in connection with mediation. She moved to the US when Romania had not yet joined the EU. After her return, she has experienced many changes and would like to talk to us especially about the EU Cohesion Policy and the Erasmus program. The event will be in English and as always via Zoom. Are you interested? Then hurry up and register right now! We and Dana are looking forward to seeing you!

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Pe curând! See you Soon!

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