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Mi. 11.05.2022, 16:00 bis 18:00


Holding up democracy and equality? Democratic and gendered practices of European Parliament’s political groups in times of populism and backlash

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The European Parliament is a renowned and celebrated actor for equality in the continent and among the EU institutions. Evidence for this comes from the gender balance in the parliament (40% women MEPs), a developed equality architecture including a dedicated gender equality committee (FEMM) and a commitment to gender mainstreaming, which help to insert gender equality into EU policy making with varying degrees of success.

This talk presents some of the findings of the European Research Council funded research project EUGenDem which has analysed the political struggles and contestations within the parliament around gender equality.

Research questions addressed in the talk include:

  • How democratic are the political groups in their ways of working, what shapes this?
  • How are the political groups perceived to work as gendered actors by MEPs and staff?
  • How are these practices institutionalized in formal and informal institutions of the groups?

The presentation draws upon an extensive research material of 140 interviews with MEPs and staff conducted in Brussels and Strasbourg from 2018 to 2021 and representative of all political groups, genders and member states. Focusing on the parliament’s political groups as gendered actors and inquiring about the ways in which they hold up democratic and gendered practices within their decision and policy making nuances the image of the parliament as a gender equality advocate and pinpoints the remaining gendered inequalities which shape political and parliamentary work within it.

Prof Johanna Kantola is a Professor of Gender Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Tampere University and Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Tübingen. Her research centres on gender, power and politics political parties and institutions, European Parliament and its political groups, gender equality policies in Finland and in the EU, and theoretical questions about the state, representation and intersectionality.

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VeranstalterInstitut für Politikwissenschaft (IfP) der Universität Tübinge
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