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Mi. 07.12.2022, 15:00 bis 18:00


From You to EU

Don’t miss your chance to win an interrail ticket!

Digital Online


From You to Eu 2022 is the second edition of an online cross border event for young people between ages of 18 and 27 from Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Poland. We want to know your opinions on the following European topics:

a) European Values: what does the EU stand for? What are the core European values? What makes Europe special?

b) Intergenerational Justice: a small amount of young people will have to take financial and social care of a much larger group of old people. Are the current generations in Europe equal towards the challenges they face? How are the demographic changes shaping tomorrow’s challenges? How should we address the disparity within the social system? Is the current pension system credible?

All participants will be divided into groups and, following the motto ‘crossing borders’, will design a visual.

The best idea and most creative presentation wins and interrail-ticket!

Register here: https://infopoint-europa.de/de/event/115

VeranstalterEurope Direct
Anmeldung bis05.12.2022
ZielgruppeYoung people between 18 and 27
AnsprechpartnerRalf Rose
Teilnehmerbeitragdie Teilnahme ist kostenlos
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