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Mi. 25.01.2023, 19:00 bis 20:30


My Europe - Lithuania

Digital Online


'My Europe' is an interactive digital series of events that invites its guests to discover Europe.

On 25 January, Justinas Lingevičius will take the audience on a virtual journey to Lithuania. Justinas is a PhD candidate at the Institute of International Relations at Vilnius University. His professional experience includes various public institutions and NGOs. During his fellowship (2021-2022) at the Charlemagne Prize Foundation he decided to focus on emerging technologies and their role in international affairs.

In the section of his personal topic of interest Justinas will talk about the perception of the threat of the war in the case of Russia's invasion in Ukraine.

VeranstalterEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
Anmeldung bis25.01.2023
Zielgruppejunge Leute
AnsprechpartnerEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
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