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Mi. 22.02.2023, 19:00 bis 20:30


My Europe - Bulgaria

Digital Online


'My Europe' is an interactive digital series of events that invites its guests to discover Europe.

On 22 February, Marina Dyankova will take the audience on a virtual journey to Bulgaria. Marina is 22 years old and loves learning through practical experiences. Currently, Marina is working as a project coordinator in a Social Enterprise giving first job opportunity to youngsters from foster homes or vulnerable environment. Even though she will not spend her whole life in Bulgaria she appreciates its traditions, history and nature.

In the section of her personal topic of interest Marina will give the audience more insight into these elements of the Bulgarian culture.

The moderator is Henri Schlund, freelance journalist.

VeranstalterEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
Anmeldung bis22.02.2023
Zielgruppejunge Leute
AnsprechpartnerEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
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