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Mi. 27.09.2023, 19:00 bis 20:30


My Europe - Netherlands

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'My Europe' is an interactive digital series of events that invites its guests to discover Europe. On 27 September, Sabine Kerssens will take the audience on a virtual journey to the Netherlands.

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Sabine Kerssens, a Dutch systems engineer, is pursuing research in collaboration with Karlspreis Aachen. For 3,5 years she’s been studying how the Dutch economy is developing, specifically focussing on startups.

The Netherlands has a relatively high number of startups, however, compared internationally they more often fail to scale up their business. Where does the Dutch startups ecosystem stand? Which are the bottlenecks and the thriving sectors? How can we learn from each other and improve entrepreneurship in Europe?

In this episode we answer these questions with data and show you the big picture.

The moderator is Katharina Ross, freelance journalist.

You can sign up here.

VeranstalterEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
Anmeldung bis27.09.2023
Zielgruppejunge Leute
AnsprechpartnerEUROPE DIRECT Aachen
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