Do. 27.06.2024, 19:00 bis 21:00


Beauty in the Streets: Graffiti & Street Art

Aufzeichnung eines Podcasts

Europäische Akademie Berlin
Bismarckallee 46/48
14193 Berlin
Berlin Brandenburg


Public art in public space is a tradition that connects us to some of our earliest evidence of human expression. The role and regard of graffiti in urban life has risen and fallen throughout the existence of cities. From nuisance and blemish, to protected and celebrated; street art expresses and reflects the zeitgeist. Berlin has a unique relationship to artistic spaces and artistic freedom, and graffiti has played a special role in the city’s ever-evolving identity and aesthetic.

Radio Spaetkauf has invited experts and insiders to help us explore and better understand graffiti and street art. How has this artform evolved and changed in Berlin and beyond? Can the art form of graffiti coexist with changing city architectures? What is the effect of tags and pieces on day-to-day life and is it a necessary form of public expression?

Come by to explore these exciting questions and find inspiring answers with us. We look forward to seeing you, and to a lively evening in a lovely setting!

VeranstalterEuropäische Akademie Berlin
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