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Fr. 26.07.2024, 12:00 bis Di. 15.10.2024, 17:00


RECLAIM: Empowering the European Female Future

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In 2024 there is still a long way to go to create gender equality in the world and also in Europe. Even today, women are still underrepresented in political decision-making, and many women also state that politics is male-dominated because they are often not trusted enough. In reality, there are many causes for this imbalance – but where is the best place to start to eliminate it?

With the „RECLAIM | Empowering the European Female Future“ project, we want to make a contribution to giving women a voice in society and in debates and encouraging them to participate in policy-making despite structural disadvantages. „RECLAIM“ is aimed at female activists and local politicians from Europe. It aims to raise awareness of gender inequalities, find ways to deal with them and empower each other – online and on the street.

The project contributes to supporting resilient women in digital space in order to give them the skills and experiences to make their voice heard! The project combines training sessions and best-case sharing on feminist European policy. It focuses on effective communication and leadership skills in order to be able to participate effectively in political discourse and decision-making; strengthening media skills to be more confident on social media; tackling digital hate speech and gender disinformation; and creating a European support network for local politicians and activists. Because despite all the hurdles that women can face on the way to equality, the following applies: No woman is ever alone. Because democratic processes need more than just one half of society.

The project duration is from 2023-2025.

Overview of this year’s project activities (2024):

Projekt Kick-Off + Digital Workshop I: 26 July 2024, 12:00 – 17:00h

Digital Workshop II: 08 August 2024, 13:00 – 17:00h

Digital Workshop III: 20 August 2024, 13:00 – 17:00h

Individual working phase to develop your own digital communication campaigns or strategies

Networking and Closing meeting in Berlin: 14 – 15 October 2024

The prerequisite for participation in network meetings in Berlin is participation in all previous project activities.

RECLAIM is part of the EU-program CERV.

Applications are open now. Deadline is July 15, 2024. Please register using the application form from our website (https://www.eab-berlin.eu/reclaim-empowering-the-european-female-future-2/) and send it together with your CV to mw@eab-berlin.eu

VeranstalterEuropäische Akademie Berlin
Telefonnummer des Veranstalters030 8959 5132
E-Mail für Anmeldungen mw(at)eab-berlin.eu
AnsprechpartnerVivien Vetterling
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